Upcoming shows

Frankfort Fall Festival

September 2nd-4th

123 Kansas St, Frankfort, IL

Galena Fall Gathering

October 7th-8th

625 Park Avenue , Galena, IL

Beth Shalom

November 5th

3433 Walters Ave, Northbrook, IL

BJBE Sisterhood Holiday Boutique

November 12

1201 Lake Cook Road, Deerfield, IL



Choose three items to mosaic:
Keychain, bookmarks, magnets, bracelets, pendants or rings

You will learn how to mosaic with epoxy sculpt and a assortment of beautiful and fun beads, tiles and other small objects.

Pique-Assiette Mosaic

Using China pieces and glass you will learn how to cut and glue the pieces on the base 

I will grout at home or can schedule another session where you can grout

Custom made orders. Bringing life to family heirlooms

This Hamsa was created for a young woman who graduated with a degree in music and judaic study. I was also given her Bat Mitzvah and her grandmother to add to the mosaic.

This was a fun piece to make for someone who wanted me to mosaic a smiley face.

A couple month ago I had the great pleasure to create a couple of pieces for a young woman using her grandmother's dishes who was a Holocaust survivors. Instead of having all those beautiful heirlooms in the attic she wanted to create beautiful pieces for her, her sister and mom

This mosaic was made for a cancer warrior. Her community wanted to show her love and I wanted to contribute,

Those Mezuzot were created with this family bowl that the owner broke. Instead of tossing it, we made beautiful and meaningful mosaics.

This bird house was my first commission, it was created for a woman who wanted to take her family dishes out of dusty boxes and ask me to create something she can enjoy everyday.

Those lovely pieces are the large Fork and Spoon hanged in many kitchen especially in the Filipino culture to represent good health and family as well as a picture frame with some Hebrew writing from the blessing for the home. These mosaics are made with family dishes.

I have bought four beautiful mosaics pieces from Chantal, which are currently displayed in my home and it makes me happy to look at them. Chantal is such a talented artist and a lovely person.

Jolie Genender

Crafted with Love and a unique artistic flair, Chantal's one of a kind mosaics will bring beauty to your home!

Lynn Weiss

Custom orders and questions

Contact Information

Email: bbmosaics@yahoo.com

Facebook Messenger: @BrokenBeautiesMosaics

About Chantal

I would like to share a little history of how I fell in love with Pique-Assiette Mosaics. Pique Assiette is French for "Plate thief" which has it's roots in the Victorian Era. Pique-Assiette grew of the notion of not wasting anything, which is a concept especially important today to protect our planet. The idea is to use old china, tea cups, ceramic figures and assorted found objects to create beautiful and meaningful mosaics. This method was revived in the 20th century by Antoni Gaudi.

Creating these one of a kind pieces makes my creativity soar and my heart happy knowing that these pieces are unique for each recipient. I have created pieces for the Cancer Wellness Center to honor my sister's memory, for a mom in mourning for her child, to support a cancer warrior and to add a special touch to a beautiful rock garden for an amazing child. I also love creating custom made mosaics from meaningful items and special heirlooms. Recently a young woman asked me to bring back to life family dishes from her Holocaust survivor grandmother. I created three special pieces for her, her sister and her mother, spreading the fond memories across the entire family.

A few words about ME. I was born in France and came to the US in 1993. I went to get a bachelor's degree in Psychology, got married to my soulmate, received a Master's degree in Social Work and had three incredible boy s. A couple of years later I moved to Deerfield, Illinois and got a lovely dog named Twix. I have a few things that give me happiness: my family/friends, teaching art to kids and making mosaics.

I hope you will give me the opportunity to bring joy and color to your home.

Sincerely, Chantal